Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins

Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins

cotton canvas tarpauline
cotton canvas tarpauline
cotton canvas tarpauline

We are one of the leading manufacturers of 'AnchorTM' Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins. Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins are the toughest tarpaulins in the industry. The natural properties of cotton make them the safest and sturdiest of all Tarpaulins.


» 100% Cotton Single/double duck fabric.
» Dyes as per colour requirement.
» Waterproofing agent - Wax or Chemical.
» High quality cotton threads.
» Super Strong brass and metal eyelets.


» Toughest and Best - in-class Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins.
» Wax and Chemical Coated to make it 100% Waterproof.
» Heavy-duty canvas tarpaulins built with strong thread shaft.
» Sizes can be made, cut as well as finished as per buyers' requirements.


» Widely used in the transportation industry suitable for truck covers.
» Used extensively to cover heavy machinery in the manufacturing industry.
» Application in the Sugar mills, cement industries and agricultural industries to prevent entry of water.


Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins are made out of the best quality 100% Cotton Single/double Duck
fabric ranging from 6 oz. per Sq. Yard to 24 oz. per Sq. Yard. (Basic)

These fabrics are then dyed and treated with wax and chemical that act as a waterproofing agent.
This makes them heavier and thicker to make them best in class 100% Waterproof Tarpaulins.

Care is also taken to ensure that quality threads are used for stitching and super strong eyelets
used to take the stretch and pressure.

A sample piece from every batch is subjected to stringent tests in the laboratory to ensure that
the chemical adhesives used in the coating process are up to the mark to make the tarpaulins
100% waterproof.

We manufacture AnchorTM Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins from 6' x 6' to 100' x 100' with varieties of combinations in fabric, process, colours & sizes.

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